Ireland’s Top 10 Record-Breaking Lottery Wins

Ailís Breathnach
October 22, 2023

Ah, Ireland. Home of leprechauns, pots of gold, and… incredibly lucky lottery winners? That’s right! Some say it’s the luck of the Irish, while others just believe they’ve nabbed the leprechaun’s stash. Regardless, here are the top 10 biggest Irish lottery wins that will have you dancing a jig of disbelief!

  1. The Colossal €175 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

It’s the win that left mouths agape around the Emerald Isle! In February 2019, a family syndicate from Co. Dublin scooped a staggering €175 million in the EuroMillions. That’s enough money to buy a castle, an island, and still have some left for a lifetime supply of Guinness!

  1. The Hearty €115 Million New Year’s Toast

Ring a ding ding! A Waterford woman toasted the New Year in style in 2005 with a EuroMillions jackpot win of €115 million. If that doesn’t call for a lavish New Year’s party, what does?

  1. The €94 Million Midsummer Dream

In June 2013, another fortunate soul in Dublin won a mesmerizing €94 million. The win was so grand it could turn anyone’s rainiest Irish day into pure sunshine!

  1. The €88.5 Million EuroMillions Delight

January seems like a lucky month for the Irish. In 2017, a syndicate took home a whopping €88.5 million. That’s enough green to turn any blue Monday into the best day ever!

  1. The €86.7 Million Sligo Spectacle

In September 2014, a group from Sligo raised their glasses to an €86.7 million win. We bet there wasn’t a dry glass in any pub in the county that night!

  1. The €79 Million West of Ireland Wonder

West Ireland got its own millionaire in 2005 when a lucky winner took home €79 million. We bet they could buy enough spuds and stew to feed the entire county for a year!

  1. Limerick’s €77 Million Laugh

When a Limerick player clinched a €77 million win in 2016, we wondered if they tried rhyming their joy in limerick form. Something like, “There once was a player so grand, with a lottery ticket in hand…”

  1. The Sizzling €73 Million Summer Win

2019 was surely a golden year for Ireland, with a player winning a fantastic €73 million in February. Perhaps they threw the biggest summer BBQ Ireland’s ever seen?

  1. The €66.1 Million Split Win

Now, this is where the plot thickens. The €132.3 million jackpot in 2016 was split between a French winner and an Irish winner, each getting €66.1 million. Half a loaf is surely better than none!

  1. The €49 Million Cork Cracker

Last but definitely not least, in August 2020, someone from Cork became €49 million richer. Here’s hoping they spent some of it on a grand Corkonian celebration!

It’s Not Just About the Winnings!

Winning the lottery is grand, but there’s more to these tales:

  • Philanthropy: Many of these winners have made headlines for their generosity, donating to charities, local clubs, and community projects. Because, you know, when you’re rolling in it, why not spread the cheer?
  • Staying Grounded: Despite the jaw-dropping amounts, many of Ireland’s lottery winners have chosen to stay anonymous, continuing with their day-to-day lives. It’s not all about glitz and glamour; sometimes it’s about securing a comfortable life and looking after loved ones.
  • A Boost to Local Economy: A win often means local celebrations. Pubs filled to the brim, parties thrown, local businesses booming. One jackpot can ripple positivity throughout a community.

Where Does the Lottery Money Go?

Now, while visions of golden castles and emerald-adorned sceptres might be filling your dreams, have you ever wondered what happens to all that cash if it isn’t won? Or where your little ticket contribution ends up? The answer is rather heartwarming and might just restore your faith in humanity (or at least in the power of group gambling!).

  • Good Causes Fund: A significant portion of the Irish Lottery’s income (think close to 30%) goes to the Good Causes Fund. This isn’t just a name to make it sound all warm and fuzzy; it genuinely makes a difference. Over the years, this fund has supported projects in sports, health, arts, and heritage sectors. In simple words, every time you buy a ticket, you’re indirectly donating to a good cause. Who knew trying your luck could have such a delightful side effect?
  • Retailer Commissions: Let’s not forget about our ever-hopeful retailers, the middlemen between you and your million-dollar dreams. Every time they sell a ticket, they earn a commission. So, in a way, you’re also supporting local businesses. High five!

The Funniest Lottery Stories from Ireland:

Because you can’t talk about the Irish without a sprinkle of humour, here are some rib-tickling lottery tales that might just make you laugh out loud:

  • Misplaced Millionaires: Imagine winning the jackpot but…misplacing the ticket. It’s happened more than you’d think! One Dublin man tore apart his house when he heard someone from his area had won the jackpot, only to discover the winning ticket as a bookmark. That’s one for the books!
  • The Unbelievable Double Win: Winning once is shocking enough, but twice? In the same day? One man won €300 and decided to try his luck again with a scratch card. You guessed it – he won an additional €250,000. We bet he couldn’t believe his luck – and neither could the store clerk!

In Conclusion…

While the odds of winning the lottery are… well, astronomical, these stories prove that every once in a while, the stars align and dreams come true, especially in Ireland. So, the next time you buy that lottery ticket, rub it on a four-leaf clover, kiss the Blarney Stone, or simply wish upon your lucky stars.

Who knows? Maybe the next grand tale of an Irish lottery win will be yours. And if not, there’s always the pub to drown your sorrows, chat about ‘what could’ve been’, and hope for the luck of the Irish to shine down next time.

So, here’s to the dreamers, the winners, and the pure magic of the Irish lottery! May your numbers be ever in your favour and your days forever lucky! Sláinte!

Author Ailís Breathnach

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